woensdag 13 juli 2011

Theme ; Challenge TheThreeMuses / I'VE BEEN STEAMPUNKED!!
Ann asked; "to choose a recognizeable character" !
Well I wonder if you still recognize my famous lady on this piece :)
Click to enlarge.

Image of the lady AND THE ANSWER WHO she is HERE
Font = Phorssa HERE
Fire png's = Pewter7 HERE
One texture of Flora Bella
and all the rest riandesign.eu and selfmade with photoshop.

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Rebbeltje zei

Ha rian op rooftocht...maja als je er zoiets moois van maakt heeft niemand er moeite mee denk ik...

Ha ben er dus ook ingetrapt...gezichtenboek account pffttt...van je meiden moet je het hebben. Wil ik foto's daar kan ik ze plukken whahahaha

Doei doei Friendje

Bill zei

Whoa! Look out for the shoulder pads! Fantastic collage!

Grannie Annie zei

Fantastic job Rian...so much to look at I wish I could see it as I write so I could be more specific but I just adore it!!!

indybev zei

I cannot identify the lady, but the art is outstanding! As always, terrific work, Rian!

Judy zei

At first - Madonna (metal 'boobs'!!), then I followed the link - even better Stevie Nicks - my fave!! Awesome piece, Rian, love it!!

Kaylene zei

Well done, great image and digital work.

Ozstuff zei

I think Stevie has three people to thank for her glamorous look - (1) her photoshop artist for all the air brushing (2) Her plastic surgeon and (3) Rian for showing her in a fantastic new light. Wonderful artwork.

Terri Daugherty zei

WhooHoo, this is so cool! I thought it was Drew Berrymore at first until I checked your link. Love it Rian!!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Wonderful Rian...Terrific artwork!

Junibears zei

Fantastic work Rian! Great steampunkerie. You always show us something that is just fantastic! xx

Femmy zei

geweldig Rian!!

Karel zei

hoi Rian
nee ik herken die kanjer niet
lijkt me een fijne meid haha
je hebt haar er prachtig neer gezet

Rein zei

Weer een prachtig digitaal werk!

Martina2801 zei

This looks quite fantastic, dear Rian! I really like this creation.

(Thank you for your advice to participate in The Three Muses. This was a good idea:-))


Plush Possum Studio zei

Stevie would be pleased, I've no doubt. This is truly amazing. Don't know how you did it all! Very unusual and beautifully done! Bravo!

Jackie zei

A great steampunk piece, Rian, and, no, I didn't recognise her, but I shall look out for that album!

Taluula zei

Oh my, Rian, you have outdone yourself this time. I love her metal bra and those jet propelled wings are a hoot. A standing ovation my friend.

suzeeez zei

Love it !.... I guessed wrong though. I thought it was Drew Barrymore...lol .

Harlequin zei


Terry zei

Fabulous steampunk creation! Love it!

Svenja zei

Heel mooi! I love all the details you've put in. Great!

The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Oh! I would know Miss Stevie anywhere, but you have done a wonderful job with her! Wonderful!


Harlequin zei

Really fantastic work! I love it! Have a nice weekend!

Rein zei

Weer een prachtige creatie Rian!