zondag 9 oktober 2011

Theme ; Challenge Take a Word / BLACKBIRD

The recycled blackbird feather.

Nothing from nature is wasted.
Although you might wonder whether she's so happy
with that bloody feather in her hair.
I promise this will be probably the last dark scene this month :-)
Credits ;
Feather - BlackBirds - Texture -
Lady (a personal postcard)
Background (personal photo actualy a piece of the Berliner wall !!)

32 opmerkingen:

Karel zei

Rian goeden dag
mooi gemaakt , en ja die bloederige veer , dat is denk ik ook de reden dat zij huilt
wens je een goede nacht

Marja's Stamp Addiction zei

Rian This is gorgeous. So beautiful with the feather on her head en the bird. Marvelous work.
Lovely greet Marja

Kaylene zei

This is a beautiful setting for your lady and blackbird very innovative.

linda zei

THis is so lovely and dark, Rian!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Stunning creation, Rian. Unique.

Christine zei

Great conception and so striking. It doesn't look dark to me, so, please, go on!

indybev zei

What an intriguing "take" on this week's challenge, Rian! Very dramatic and well done! (I'm sorry but I don't know who your mystery girl is).

Judy zei

Oh, no, Rian I WANT MORE DARK, this is a beauty, love the eye 'make up' truly stunning piece!

Sandy zei

Wow wow wow wow Rian very impressive creation.
Love the feather. Absolutely beautiful.

johanna zei

ingenious!!! i suppose this will be my favorite of the week!!

Sue zei

Don't stop the dark stuff....I LOVE it!!

Jackie zei

So dark and mysterious, and beautiful too! Fantastic piece, Rian!

Femmy zei

die is gaaf zeg!!! schitterende achtergrond!!

Heavens2Betsy zei

I love the dark scenes you make. Think this is fantastic! penny

Rosie zei

Wow! It blows me away when I see your artwork sometimes and this dark and moody scene is definitely one of those! Rian, much applause from me! =)

Anoniem zei

The textured background is super and I love the dark, sad feel of this piece of art. Wonderful, Rian!

Harlequin zei

gorgeous !!!!!!

suzeeez zei

Very interesting piece...makes my mind wander. :o)

Junibears zei

Gorgeous dark piece this, beautiful work! xx

peggy gatto zei

Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!

Bill zei

This is exquisite! I love it!

Yvonne zei

OMG, this is stunning, Rian!

Grannie Annie zei

Breathtaking and beautiful I just love this gorgeous work of art...Bravo!!!

Elisabeth Sarkis zei

Uauuuu...showwwww.. I love it,kisses

Shelley Whiting zei

Wow I love the image. It's haunting and mysterious. It had a nice Gothic theme to it. Very beautiful and interesting.

Rhonda zei

This is very cool, Rian! You do the dark very well! Cheers!

Ana Cristina Caldatto zei

uauu fantastica imagem!

tinasflickwerk zei

dacunHallo Rian,

deine Karte ist genial, so ausdrucksstark!
gefällt mir sehr, sehr gut!

Anoniem zei

Very interesting gothic interpretation, very poetic, beautiful

Glenda T. zei

I love dark scenes and this is gorgeous!!

Jaluza Scrap zei


mary.kg zei

Bonjour Rian!Très esthétique compositon pour ce thème !
j'aime beaucoup !
Amicalement Mary.kg
Merci pour votre passage sur mon blog !