woensdag 5 oktober 2011

Theme ; Challenge The Three Muses / BOTTLES OR JARS.

It's getting rather creepy, spooky and gothic around here
but in MY mind it's more funny then scary.
Would it be a wacky idea to show this image while telling a horrifying story around the campfire ! I for sure would love to hear YOUR weird version haha.
Credits and a few printscreens "Work in Progress"

31 opmerkingen:

Grannie Annie zei

Oh this is just too creepy and wonderful...I love it what a great Halloween picture...BRAVO!!!

indybev zei

I LOVE spooky stories around a campfire! Your colors are so dark and rich, Rian. Perfect for this piece!

Kaylene zei

yes you are getting into the creepy side, but it is great.

Paulette zei

Love it, Love it!!!

It's nice to see someone else caught up in the spirit of the season... just like me:)


ann zei

Awwww this is so creepy and gorgeous
Wonderful rich colours. xx

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Perfect timing to reveal your potion bottles, Rian. Awesome, spooky piece...absolutely gorgeous.

Yvonne zei

Dark, spooky and FABULOUS, Rian!

Ozstuff zei

Wow! Your unique design is superb, Rian, and the depth of colour you have achieved is amazing. Fantastic in every way. I love it!

Judy zei

You know I love the darkside, Rian, this is an exceptional piece, such rich colours & freaky elements!

Ann zei

oh..I DO ADORE DARK AND CREEPY!!! this is spectacular!!!
i really enjoy seeing how you create these masterpieces!!

Christine zei

This is NOT fair! YOU have to tell us the story behind that scene, which I really adore (Happily we all have our B side, without it life would be boring).

Bill zei

Truly creepy, but quite wonderful! Please don't ever put my head in a bottle!

Karel zei

ja ik zie ook meer de humor en de lol er in
maar ik denk als jij vehalen verteld in zo'n hallowie huis
wie weet wordt ik nog bang hihi
ik maak vandaag een afspraak met de dokter , de koorts zakt wel maar komt steeds weer terug
ook spookkie
fijne dag

Sim zei

Brrrrrr! Well done!
Lavishly illustrated!!
I've got some Brrrrrr images into my collectons that I never dare to show; maybe i'll do now... Thanks to you!!
It's a masterpiece Rian!

Heavens2Betsy zei

This is fantastic ... and, made me chuckle. penny

Femmy zei


Marja's Stamp Addiction zei

This is really creepy, spooky and gothic. Super artwork Rian and funny indeed. Beautiful light in your work. Splendid.
Lovely greet

Junibears zei

Oh so dark and scary! I love it!

Sharon zei

Oooh I like this Rian - very spooky and dark - great Halloween feel and love your little jars & bottles!!!

Anoniem zei

Beautifully macabre and Halloween ready! Great job, Rian!

Taluula zei

I love your dark and spooky side, Rian. There is so much to see and your colours are deep and rich and fantastic. You deserve a standing ovation from my corner.

© LoeS © zei


Karel zei

mogge Rian
als dat zo is , heb ik er nu een hihi , erg vroeg van bed met een wat omhoog gevlogen temperatuur dus weer aan de pil en nu een bakkie thee hihi
ach voor ik een vrouwtje ben is het wel over
slaap nog maar ff
en voor laters een fijne dag

Ineke zei

Mogge lieve Rian ,
Hij is inderdaad wat spooky ja .
Maar dat vind ik wel leuk ....beetje griezelen .
Krijgen we weer he Halloween .
Maar hij is super mooi gemaakt meis .
Fijne dag , word nu echt herfst en staat een wind hier niet normaal .
Zo even lekker uit waaien met de hond .
Knufffff Ien

johanna zei

halloween at its best! i totally love the spirit of this season!

linda zei

Wow, Rian! This is considerably crepy, but also wonderful. i love everything about it!

Faye zei

Spooky, Rian! The accent of red really makes this piece. I always love to see the different things you have put together to make your digital collages. Your works always show such a great talent.

Silvia(Barnie) zei

A fantastic scary piece of art, love all the elements.

Sue zei

Missed this last week, shame on me....it's FABULOUS!

Anoniem zei

Oh I missed this last week...super spooky and dark. Very striking, Rian!

Anoniem zei

Hello Rian ! aww... so nice to read you while having coffee this morning, thank you so much ! This piece is fantastic ! Love the humour in it, the composition and colors as well, congrats !!