zaterdag 30 juli 2011

While cleaning up my folders I found a few hidden scans and images.
Restored them and whalla !! Free to grab :)

To download this PNG...
Click TWICE on the picture to get it FULL SIZED!!
Right click and "save to" your computer.
PLEASE NOTE MY TERMS; For personal use ONLY !!
You may not use this freebie in any other branches -
business or selfmade products to sell !
You may not publish it FULL SIZED on your own website/blog !
Are you a regular user of my free stuff ?
It's not really necessary to credit me using parts of this free collage sheets
but it would be nice (and appreciated) when you display my button on your blog or website.
You can grab my freebie button at the right sidebar.
Or you can link directly to my website (where I've stored even more freebies) using this button.

Thank you soooo much !! XXX

woensdag 27 juli 2011

Theme ; Challenge The Three Muses / ZETTI

I tried to approach this style but to be honest..It's not my kind of thing.
I do NOT mean that I don't like it but somehow it's just not me.
This picture was such a struggle, it took me hours AAARGG and when I finally finished I realized that we had to add a famous person !! Whaaahaaa.
Well, I'm sure you will forgive me LOL
The Alfpha letters = Marsha (tumblefishstudio)
All the rest ispersonal and YEP painted by myself ! YEAHHH I did it.

zondag 24 juli 2011

Theme ; challenge Take A Word / SEPIA
My entry for this week. "The human body defies gravity".
It must feel as heavy as a brick :)

Jumping girl -
Brick ;
Grunge halftone overlay - The Scrappincop
All the rest - personal stuff and selfmade.

woensdag 20 juli 2011

Today no "stress" or deadline.
Today it was playtime with photoshop ;)
I found a fantastic VIDEO tutorial I could not resist :)
A Watercolour / Ink Blot Effect HERE (

Credits ; Watercolor texture HERE
And my final result; a digital journal page,

Credits ; Mostly images from my latest collage sheets
Tassels are from Jaguarwoman

dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Theme ; Challenge The Three Muses / ORIENTAL

Inspired by the art of *STROODY (Bob deviantart), JAGUARWOMAN and the summer gardens of MELKOR, I decided to make my own premade background.
It's not so difficult as it seems, the only thing you need is time and patience :)

First I searched for relevant images on the Internet !!

Okay, that took me an hour or so :)
Then it was playtime !!! (you can CLICK to Enlarge.)
Printscreens "WORK IN PROGRESS"

You see ?
Did I say to much ?
I'ts realy possible to create these premade backgrounds by yourself and perhaps you want to try it once. As you wish you can grab this
FREE PNG COLLAGE SHEET with most of the elements I've used.
Click TWICE on the picture to get a larger image!!
Right click and "save to" your computer. SUCCES !!

OOPS...almost forgot to mension...The POSER found Here
and the Cherry Tree PNG Here

zondag 17 juli 2011

Theme ; Challenge Take A Word / FLIGHT
My thoughts took me along on this....F-light :)
Fly away from the Light to an uncertain future.
I came to this idea because I wanted to practise word-art
in a more striking way.
And ! Because I discovered this website !
Mostly I use my own textures or images to create (with a clippingmask) my word-art but when I found these fractal and abstract styles,
my greed took over :)
I had to download and instal them into my PS version. So easy !!

CREDITS and a few printscreens "Work in Progress"

Yesterday...Johan went to camp with the scouts for one week.
Today...Mama would have celebrated her 86th birthday but now we all go visit her grave. We received the news that the tombstone was ready
just intime !!
Precisely at this moment...I control this post before publishing and suddenly realise that the letter F (from Flight) could symbolize Mom who's flying away ! My subconscious took over :)

woensdag 13 juli 2011

Theme ; Challenge TheThreeMuses / I'VE BEEN STEAMPUNKED!!
Ann asked; "to choose a recognizeable character" !
Well I wonder if you still recognize my famous lady on this piece :)
Click to enlarge.

Image of the lady AND THE ANSWER WHO she is HERE
Font = Phorssa HERE
Fire png's = Pewter7 HERE
One texture of Flora Bella
and all the rest and selfmade with photoshop.

zaterdag 9 juli 2011


July 2011
I invite you hearty to take a look around.

Feel free to ENLARGE these pictures for a closer view !
Two digital collage sheets with Bright Temples and Embellishments
One digital collage sheet with Bright Striking Backgrounds.
One digital collage sheet with Bright Coloured Fashion
One digital collage sheet with Bright Coloured Embellisments.

Every collage sheet is available in PNG format
but if you prefer a JPG...
email me first !!

dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Theme ; Challenge TheThreeMuses / THE TWENTIES.

When I think of the twenties, I think of the Charleston, the Les Folies Bergères in Paris, and and how a man's heart would beat faster if I would dance on the stage!
Just dreaming LOL.
I followed parts of THIS tutorial (my own photoshop challenge this week) but had to change a few steps to make it more personal.

CREDITS and a few printscreens "Work in Progress"

vrijdag 1 juli 2011

Today I've upload, special for BEGINNING DIGITAL CRAFTERS,
two new vintage collage sheets to design your own striking scenery.
My goal is to show how easy it can be to design your own detailed images with just a few clicks in your editing program and perhaps this two (cheap !) collage sheets can stimulate or encourage you to take a first step into the digital world.

No difficult techniques are necessary to achieve a design as the sample above.
Just use your fantasy and try to imagine a scene from the Victorian era.
As always you can click on the images for a closer look.
Enjoy !

Sample Vintage Victorian Scenery ; collage sheet 01

Sample Vintage Victorian Scenery ; collage sheet 02

Every collage sheet is available in PNG format so you don't have to extract the images and if you have any questions....don't be shy to ask !
I'm always willing to help you !!
You can DOWNLOAD the collage sheets at CLICK HERE