maandag 6 augustus 2012

Theme ; Challenge TakeAWord  /  MEMORIES
I had a hard time coming up with ideas for this theme but finally I had to think of a evening with my friends when we laughed out loud and shared our silly and foolish memories together :-)
Once ready I noticed I forgot to add the few bottles of wine we drunk .
(Please feel free to enlarge for a better view)
Original photo = personal / Background = goodfon /
Texture = FloraBella / Leaves = /
All the rest = riandesign.

19 opmerkingen:

Chris Arlington zei


Ozstuff zei

There's nothing wrong with that!! What could be better than sharing some laughs and some memories with old friends!! Your picture is wonderful, Rian. More importantly it is YOU (or how your Blog friends see you).

Yes, I am up early this Monday morning in Western Australia. Things to do and my alarm went off at 6am.
Cheers, Marie.

Christine zei

And you four girls could share your memories in some tropical island paradise! :)
Love it, Rian. Joyful memories.

indybev zei

Some of the best times of my life have been laughing with friends. This evokes memories of happy times!

Ann zei

this is wonderful!!!!
and aren't good times with friends the best!!!

Judy zei

Good friends, good times and lots of laughs along the way shows up in your colourful art, full of life, Rian, keep laughing!

Kaylene zei

No that you know "shiver" what about "shiver me timb'rs". Love your image, how many bottles of wine (vino..plonk)

Elizabeth zei

Schitterende combinatie!! Prachtige invulling van de opdracht en lekker fleurig.

Karel zei

memories delen met vrienden , ja dan wordt er wat af gelachen
nu jij hebt het in je crea mooi weer gegeven

Junibears zei

How fun Rian. lovely happy collage! xx

Linda Gibbons zei

What a fun collage, Rian! I'll bet you all have wonderful memories!

Anoniem zei

What a lovely, happy piece of art you created, Rian!

Ana Cristina Caldatto zei

doce memória!
alegre imagem, alegre cores

Taluula zei

Happy times indeed, Rian. Nothing like a good laugh with friends. Bravo.

Lynne zei

I love what you did with this.It's so bright and cheerful in keeping with your happy memories.

Karel zei

Voelt goed Rian ,dank je en een goede nacht

DMG zei

Now, THIS looks like a great memory! Girlfriends are such a treasure. Thanks for sharing this!

Deann zei

What a fun and fab looking group of friends Rian...I adore the pink hair a great touch of whimsey!

peggy gatto zei

they are just grand!!!
I also love your berries!
I have been away for a short vacation and trying to catch up with all the creativity!!!