woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Theme ;  Challenge TheThreeMuses  / STRAWBERRIES

Strawberries are called "aardbeien" in the Netherlands and not so far from my hometown there is a nice themepark. Aardbeien-land in Horst, Limburg.
I've never visit it but it sure looks very pleasant for little children and a family picnic :-)
Credits Wild Strawberries ;
I've used a strawberrie texture (which you can find HERE)  and I covered the headscarf, the butterflies and the border with it. (different blendingmodes)
Backgr. = goodfon /  Ladie Fabiola is a painting from jean jacques henner /
Leaves = CGtextures / Strawberrie graphics = graphicsfairy /
Butterflies = Shoofly_Stock DeviantArt / Other textures = SXC.hu & FloraBella.

20 opmerkingen:

bluegiraffe (Sherry) zei

This is beautiful!

Grannie Annie zei

Gorgeous piece Rian so surreal and lovely the head piece is amazing...awesome!

Deborah zei

Oh, this is beautiful! I love the strawberry pattern of her scarf. Well done!

indybev zei

Oh Rian, this is beautiful! I love the head piece especially!

Kaylene zei

A beautiful art piece, hugs

Judy zei

Strawberry butterflies, too, beautiful piece, Rian!

Christine zei

A unique piece, Rian. Very creative and beautiful.

Ozstuff zei

Does "mjammie" in Dutch mean "Yummy" in English? They sound familiar. Small pots of yoghurt for children are sold here under the name "Petit miam" and I think "miam" is French for "Yum' - also sounding similar. It's not the spelling. It is how they sound!!

Rian, your picture is superb in every way - so rich in colour, so beautiful in design and, yes, I agree with Deann ... the headpiece is wonderful.

Bella~Rose zei

Very creative. Great job at thinking outside of the box.

Ann zei


johanna zei

beautiful scene! love the headscarf!

Junibears zei

Beautiful work as always my dear! xx

Karel zei

dat Rian
is nu wat je kan noemen een smakelijke creatie

Anoniem zei

The strawberry texture works great here, Rian! Yummy colours!

Judy zei

Thanks for birthday wishes Rian, bit of confusion with the way the US write the date, Peggy's birthdate was 8.4.44 which is 4th August mine is 8th April which is written 4.8.44 in US. BUT the English/European way it would be written 8.4.44 - IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!! LOL!!

Karel zei

mogge Rian
ja ik had het gezien , ach het is zo , kan het nog veranderen maar het staat er nu toch al hihi
fijne dag

Elizabeth zei

Schitterend!! Erg leuk idee zo alles in aardbeien.

Anoniem zei

This looks lovely - skillfully done.

Rein zei

EWeer een prachtige creatie Rian!

Faye zei

Ah, you have made a beautiful digital painting here, Rian. The colors are gorgeous. Love the head scarf.