zondag 21 oktober 2012

Theme ;  Challenge Take A Word  /  ROSES
A collage this week...which looks better (I think) if you enlarge it.
A mix from different styles and artists I admire.
My excuse for this early post, but I have a busy day ahead :-)
My special thanks go out to Mirjam
who allowed me to use her wonderful foto's.
During my search in google for a dried rose,
that pure picture took immediately my attention !
Feel free to check out her website ! Her way of photographing looks so cool !
The photo's of the roses I used can be seen → HERE ←
Further credits ;
Anna Aspnes Designs -  1987clothing.com (blog = brushes) -  1stfloorflat -
 and my own stuff at riandesign

20 opmerkingen:

Sim zei

Mamma miaaaa, Rian!
This is a sooooo powerful image you've done there!! So rich, so beautiful... It's purely perfect!
Ouf!...I'm on my bom once again, mouth open!
How can you work such wonders?!

(I'll post the following Music collage on tuesday, between the two challenges)

Have a good night, & a good day too! :)

Karel zei

mogge Rian
dit is een pracht creatie
het is mij een mirakel hoe jullie dat toch doen
suc6 met je drukke dag
maak er een fijne van

Terri Kahrs zei

RIAN. . . . . . It's, ME, Terri!!!! OMG!!!! It was so GOOD to hear your voice, My Darling Friend!!!! It's so good to be back in Blogland!!! Just look at all of the things you've done! Of COURSE red roses mean hot, steamy "Romance" === Yes, with a "capital 'r'"!!!LOL I'm sending you lots of warm hugs and wishes!!! Love, Terri ♥

Karin zei

wow wat een prachtige creatie, mooi!

Grannie Annie zei

A lovely romantic collage with great layering and detail Rian...well done!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Fabulous detail in this outstanding art piece, Rian. Absolutely gorgeous. Love all the 40's images...awesome.

suzeeez zei

WooHoo....very romantic piece. Nice work .

Ozstuff zei

I am a Recife fan too, Rian, but I haven't heard of Mrs Lu or Finnabair. Of course, as soon as I finish my comments I will Google them.
Your rose collage is superb, Rian, and I love the use of the brushes. Very complex and very beautiful. Wonderful artwork as always.

Judy zei

Zoom in everyone to see the exquisite details, stunning, Rian love your presentation, standing ovation from me!!

Junibears zei

Such a lot of work in this. So beautiful and I love the dried roses! xx

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity zei

Beautiful work Rian. Schitterende creatie.
lieve groetjes

Anoniem zei

A beautiful collage, Rian! You are certainly correct about that gorgeous photograph of the roses. I enlarged your art and marveled at all the elements and details.xx

indybev zei

WOW WOW WOW! This is an especially beautiful piece, Rian. I was so glad I enlarged it so I wouldn't miss a single thing! BRAVO!

Electra zei

Wow, there is a lot to see in this. I really like it, it has an edgy, yet romantic feel. Not easy to acheive both of those at the same time!

Sim zei

Hi dear!
I've posted one you don't know.
Surprise! :)

Yvonne zei

Absolutely gorgeous, Rian!

Elizabeth zei

Schitterende creatie!! Weer een waanzinnige combinatie van alles. Hoe krijg je het steeds weer bij elkaar verzonnen??

Anna zei

Wow it`s verry nice
I can see a lot of litte beautiful Thinks.
Thank`s for your comment

Kaylene zei

Very much a Recife inspired art work, superb. Hugs

Sim zei

Hi dear Rian, I've posted the left music images... Come & see! ;)