zondag 4 november 2012

Theme ;  Challenge TakeAWord  /  STEAMPUNK
"Caught In The Act"
A selfmade fly...which looks better (I think) if you enlarge it.
Textures = Jerry Jones. Kim Klassen and selfmade in PS
Brush spiderweb = DesignWarez
Flames = Pewter 7
All steampunk elements = riandesign
If you can use this fly to give it a try
feel free to grab this PNG :-)
Click this image and "Save to" your pc. ENJOY ! :-)

26 opmerkingen:

Karin zei

Zo dit ziet er prachtig uit, wat een details, schitterend! En ik heb de freebie gedownload, dank!

Sim zei

Hahaha! Too good my Rian!
This fly is just amazing!
And the flames, hihihi!
You're such an artist!
Huge hugs my friend!

bluegiraffe (Sherry) zei

Eek! I wouldn't want to encounter him in my house...or anywhere! Fabulous creation, Rian.

Taluula zei

Well, Miss Rian, this is the most original piece of steampunkerie I've seen for ages .... and I love it. Loud applause from me.

Reb-beltje zei

Mooi om te zien...al die radertjes en met turbomoter...of zie ik dat verkeerd en is mijn fantasie niet genoeg?
Was alweer ff terug dat ik hier was...drukke week achter de rug.
Maar nu is de rust wedergekeerd.

Elizabeth zei

Wat een schitterende creatie is dit weer!! Prachtig die vlieg.

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Thanks for stopping by and your challenge to take a ride in the balloon...each year, with age, I lose more of my courage...seem to keep my feet on the ground as much as I can. Perhaps it is reading all the news all the time with strange things happening around the world. Hope all is well with you. I absolutely love your flies. I did enlarge and got a real "Wow!!". Excellent. You are so talented. I did tuck your 'blue bottle' fly away for future use. Thanks so much. Be well, friend. ttys. Hugs,Gayle.

bohemiannie! art zei

Verrrry cool....and BEAUtiful!

Karel zei

ha die Rian
prachtige creaties
ik zal zo zien of ik van die vliegtuigjes op het werk zie
goeden nacht

Grannie Annie zei

This is awesome Rian what a fabulous fly makeover...I love it!

Karel zei

mogge Rian
kijk zo zie je maar weer , smaken verschillen , ik wil die meiden wat cultuur bij brengen ,gaan ze niet eens ff naar een museum
ik nu ook ff niet , net thuis ff happie en badderen en naar de doc
fijne dag

Rein zei

Super Rian!!

Jeanette zei

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. What a creative fly makeover.

Ellen zei

schitterend, wat een details net als bij een echte. en bedankt voor de freeflyer (alhoewel als je 'm vergroot wordt het eeek)

Kaylene zei

Great work my friend. Hugs

indybev zei

BRAVO!! Your punk fly is magnificent, Rian (and thanks for the freebie fly). You are the master of blending, and this is a wonderful example of your talent. Thanks for sharing.

Lizbethem zei

What you did with this fly is truly amazing--so original and creative and inspiring! Thank you for the image.xx

Lori Saul zei

Fantastic Steampunk fly- otherworldly and brilliant Rian!

Yvonne zei

WOW, this is awesome, Rian!

Thanks for the freebie too :)

Junibears zei

Just fantastic work!xx

Anjas-Artefaktotum zei

WOW what a magnificent steampunk fly creation. Your talent is admirable.
Thanks for the freebie and also for your visits on my blog, I enjoy your lovely comments, my Dear.
xox Anja

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art zei

Rian what a fantastic and also dramatic steampunk collage you have made, love your digital work.

Anita zei

Wak al zin..... wanne skonne kleurrijke sheets hedde wir gemakt Riannekeuh!

abby j zei

What an incredible, unique piece of steampunk, Rian. So well done... I bow to your originality and your art!!

Ann L zei

Very cool and so welldone...Thanks for the freebie!

zareen fatima zei

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