donderdag 19 februari 2009

Thema; Geheugensteuntjes. MODELS
Every once in a while I add a few links to remember, when I surfed the internet.
If you want a few more inspirational site's to discover than click on the left. (LABELS "geheugensteuntjes".)
1)DeviantArt / Stock MODELS (some are free)
2)DeviantArt / Textures by Janograf2
3)DeviantArt / grunge Textures by Amptone. (see also Model stripes)
4)DeviantArt / Models by Blacksock. Gallery (for using fairy/fantasy ?)
6)Google / Mermaid MODELS
7)Google / Gothic MODELS
8)Google / Angel MODELS
9)Google / Fairy MODELS
10)Google / FALLEN Angels
11)DeviantArt / FALLEN-again-stock MODELS (gallery)

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