zaterdag 25 april 2009

Femmy was this time the guest-designer for Artarazzi.
The beautiful image to work with is from Charles Joshua Chaplin and is called "Girl with a Nest".
First I followed a tutorial by Melissa Clifton to make a sort of popart with the picture but halfway... I changed it into this :D
Sometimes I simply don't have my day.

Just click on the pictures for a larger view.

10 opmerkingen:

Femmy zei

ik vind hem schitterend!! prachtige kleuren en achtergrond!

Anoniem zei

Outstanding! I love this!
Thank you so much for sharing!

Janice zei

Fabulous, beautiful effects and thank you for showing how it was done.

Unknown zei

This is beautiful - and thanks for the tutorial! I'm so happy to have posted a challenge entry, and to look at all the great art work of this talented group! Thank You!

Stacy zei

Rian, you are brilliant! This picture is BRILLIANT! You have no idea what a source of inspiration you are! You not only inspire, but you teach - thank you so much for the tutorial!

I truly appreciate your encouraging words on my ACF entry this week! It means a lot coming from you!
I did just change my blog background a couple days ago, thanks for noticing! A Finnish designer named Itkipilli has a site where she gives away the most beautiful backgrounds for free. You should check it out at:
The only thing I created was the header.

Too bad I set my daughter up in a beautiful apartment with her own washer and dryer - so I don't have much to trade for the Wacom! Actually she is a sweetheart so she will share because she loves me! My daughter is the one who taught layers to me over the Christmas holidays. She has been doing this as a hobby since she was about 14 and she has been wonderful about mentoring me. I will get another try at the Wacom when she comes home next weekend for Mother's Day!

daisy zei

Wow the light beam brush is amazing - very inspirational.

Ozstuff zei

This is stunning, Rian. I love both versions of the lady and I really appreciate your help in showing us how you do it all.

indybev zei

What a rich and artistic setting for this week's image. Your talent just shines, Rian!

Anoniem zei

Rian, this is a masterpiece of digital art work!!! I love the light at the tip of her fingers. So nice to have the tutorial again. You are such a dear to share your knowledge with us.

Ozstuff zei

This is fantastic! I love the depth of colour and the textures. Beautiful work, Rian.