maandag 4 mei 2009

Theme ; Another new tutorial.
How to create your own vintage game card.

Just click on the pictures for a larger view.
Work in progress

4 opmerkingen:

famscheepensgoesorlando zei

hee creatieveling kom ik jou hier zo maar bij blogspot tegen hahahahaha
dus ik dacht ff een berichtje achterlaten alles goed in dommelen ???
groetjesss van je oude space maatje

Jean zei

Rian, I really enjoyed looking at this game card. A lot of great images to capture your attention! You should market your own deck of cards!. Rian, I also want to personally thank you for the freebie art you provided for all of us bloggers. I used one of the desserts for this last challenge on Artarazzi. Check out my blog. thank you again

Terri Morse zei

Hi Rian! I'm so excited! Your tutorial showed me something that's been puzzling me for years. For some reason I could never figure out how to make a rounded rectangle. It's funny because I use the custom shape tool all the time! Thanks for solving the mystery. It's amazing how much we can grow just from sharing with one another.

Taluula zei

Oh my!!!! I've been away for a couple of weeks and I've missed all this beautiful work. What a feast for the eyes this is and thank you so much for the tutorial which I'm going to try. Bravo my friend.