woensdag 20 januari 2010

Theme; Challenge at The Three Muses / Something in the Air.
It's a long time ago that I used one of my favorite BBW models in my art.
But here she is again...Fabulous HILDA !!


Work in Progress / Tutorial

******** ********
About the Hot Air Balloons.
The images are found in a Russian!! library and they are free to use.
I translated it to be sure but I DON'T claim them as my own !
I thought "let's separate them from the background - cut them out - and make a free collage sheet". Perhaps that you like it.

Feel free to enlarge. The sheet is available as a PSD file ; FULL SIZED as from tomorrow at my website.

41 opmerkingen:

Lisa zei

It is fantastic how you create such depth in your pieces!

Ozstuff zei

Hi Rian, I love the old photo look with the staples in the corner. Your picture is very funny and whimsical. Great artwork!!
Ann (Taluula) is away for nearly two months from last week. She has gone to New Zealand to visit her sister and do lots of sight-seeing. Perhaps she has caught up with Judy and they are talking so much Judy forgot to post her picture.

indybev zei

What beautiful hot air balloons. Thank you for sharing. You've used them to perfection, as you always do, drawing all the components together into a new and mesmerizing scene!

Judy zei

Here I am, Rian, had play domestic goddess for a while!! What a giggle I got when i saw your piece, love your humour & your creativity of course. I hope to catch up with Ann when she gets to Wellington next month!

Diane zei

Love this fun, fun piece!

Janine zei

Very funny and unique, just like your header and the pictures in the sidebar.
I love it!

DMG zei

Hilarious, Rian! You have a sense of humor to equal your artistic talent!

Unknown zei

oh wonderful work Rian!!! I love hot air balloons!!! beautiful piece!!!

Amy zei

very pretty...lovely scenery..amazing details!!!

Unknown zei

What a great scene, another beautiful image!

Sandy zei

Oh wow yoir work is brilliant. Thanks for the tutoial and the great freebie. Love them.

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Gorgeous art...beautifully created.

famscheepensgoesorlando zei

hee ferubeltje ...
alles goed bij jullie ????
wa maak je toch verdomde mooie dingen (applaus)..groetjes aan jullie johan...

johanna zei

so whimsical and unique! love the humor in it!

LivArtNow zei

LOL, this is just to funny :) I love how she's fighting them off with her 'weapon of massdestruction' :) Wonderfully fun and creative. And now to comment on your background which is Stunning!! Wonderful depth and colours and your composition is fabulous!! The balloons, well what can I say but, love at first sight!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the good laugh!!


http://truutske.blogspot.com zei

Wat maak je toch ontzettend mooie digitale creaties.

Elegia zei

LOL :DDDD Rian, I love your sense of humor! This art piece is a pearl - could be a postcard too. I never stop admiring your talent you create art images! This is just stunning.

Marie-Aimée zei

wow !!! I love your creation

Moeke zei

Mooi gedaan weer lieverd!!..dikke kuzzzz voor jullie!!..

Ellen zei

oh schitterend en heerlijke humor.
wat een prachtige ballonnen bedankt voor het opduikelen hiervan en ze met ons te delen. geweldig.

Martina zei

What an amazing piece of digital art, Rian! Just perfect!

Silvia(Barnie) zei

How wonderful, looks really fab.

Terri Kahrs zei

Hhahhhhahhh!!!! DELIGHTful, Rian! You are the mistress of layers and good humor!!! This is wonderful fun!!! And thank you, too, for those airships. They're amazing! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Priscilla zei

Your work is amazing and since I am kind of new to this type of work, I LOVE how you break it down for people to see. It makes it even more impressive and a huge impack. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the "enlarge" comment on my blog :)

Faye zei

Rian, this is so funny! I love it. You have such a sense of humor to go along with your wonderful digital talent.

Astrid Maclean zei

Oh wow, she really suits this piece, great and funny like usual, love it!

VS zei

You never cease to amaze me...such a fun piece & I love the free collage sheet from the Russian Library! I'll visit you tomorrow at your blog to get it. Thanks so much friend...

Jayne zei

Rian so funny and fantastic,love it!!

LynnF zei

Oh my, how do you do funny and gorgeous all at the same time? Let Rian at it! Wonderful, wonderful take on this theme, Rian! Congrats! LynnF

AliMayes zei

Yet again Rian you have stunned me with your inventiveness and skill - this is simply stupendous and I love those balloons too. Thanks so much for making them available to us.

Killara girl zei

hi, i just followed you from ozstuff online...wow i'm going giddy looking at all your images...this is what i've been looking for. i just a my first 'collage' but really had no idea what i was doing or how to do it. thanks for all your information...its so helpful.

José zei

Geweldig om Hilda weer te zien. Ik ken haar van Penniwigs blog. Die heeft een hele verzameling. Ik voel dikke :) verwantschap met Hilda. Je hebt weer een prachtig plaatje gemaakt. En de ballonnen freebie is heeeel mooooi! Ik heb net rondgekeken in jouw digitale wereld: wat ziet het er allemaal leuk uit. Iedere klik levert een verrassing op. Klopt het dat de ballonnenfreebie nog niet op je website staat? In ieder geval bedankt voor het delen van al die mooie plaatjes. Tot volgende keer.

Debby zei

hehehe...Rian, this is just a faboulous piece. I love everything about it. So creative.

Julia zei

Geweldig Rian, je fantasie spat weer van het scherm !!
Als altijd weet je ook weer in dit prachtige werk je humor er in te stoppen :)

Anoniem zei
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Jester zei

Brilliant, and it's such fun. Thanks for sharing the balloons.

Dymphie zei

Rianne, wat een gave collage heb je daar weer gemaakt! Ik heb die ballonnen gewoon op grote vellen papier en ga gauw kijken naar je psd. Dank je wel alvast voor je werk daaraan.
groetjes, Dymphie

vintage wil zei

Wat een schitterend werk toch!!!!!

selma zei

Oooh , I love this! Yous fat ladies are so lovely, also. I love tehm, too ****

Hella zei

Hahahaha.....erg leuk bedacht.
En natuurlijk weer schitterend in elkaar gezet. Het is iedere keer weer geweldig om hier bij jouw werk te kijken.

日月神教-向左使 zei
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