woensdag 24 februari 2010

Theme; Challenge by TheThreeMuses / ARCHITECTURE
(What a brilliant idea Gayle !!)
I have choosen for "THE EVOLUON". and you can read all details/history about this building HERE
(It's in English)

The main reason why I have choosen for this proud icon of Eindhoven, is that I live only 15 km. from it ! When I'm driving to this city (for shopping) I always pass it and every time I'm impressed about the unique UFO design.
Therefore I thougt it was rather appropriate to use the Evoluon in a
OUTER SPACE creation for this weeks challenge.

Credits and a few screenshots "Work in Progress".

40 opmerkingen:

Lori Saul zei

Wow - wonderful surreal journey- an astonishing piece!

Janet Ghio zei

Fabulous piece!! Love it!

Ozstuff zei

What's wrong with being first??? (NOTHING!).
Rian, I so enjoy being able to follow your creative journey from beginning to finished product. I love the photos of the "Evoluon" and I love how you have used them in your amazing and beautiful surreal artwork.

Betzie zei

Neat looking!!!

Ellen zei

beautiful Rian, gorgeous colours

and as for het Evoluon.. I used to live just on the other side of Eindhoven , in Weert. Ik ken het nog uit de tijd dat het een museum was. Altijd erg in trek als de familie uit Engeland overkwam.

Diane zei

Yes, this is beautiful!!

indybev zei

What a stunning structure! Now I have to go on a search to see exactly what it is! Your creation is gorgeous, Rian! Thanks, as always, for bringing your talent to our challenge.

Janine zei

It seems we both stay up late hi hi.
Your "outer space- creation is really out of space.
Very cool.

K zei

what a cool creation! love the "UFO"!

Unknown zei

holy smokessssssssss that is brilliant!!! what a neat piece...

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Hi Rian! Awesome architecture! Such awesome imagery and so beautifully presented. It would be fascinating to view the inside of one of those ships....Hope all is well. Hugs, Gayle.

WildGoose zei

Absolutely terrific- Will have to see this someday in our past-as you have spirited us to the future!

Judy zei

Wow, Rian, amazing structure, very much 'out of this world' which you have illustrated in your fabulous entry! Have a look at Taluula & me on my blog dressed in your gear!!!!

Tuire Flemming zei

WOW! Fantastic!

Sandy zei

Oh Rian what can I say ????
This is brilliant. So surreal. Stunning work.

A big Thank for your WIP.

Rosie zei

Rian, I LOVE this! Nobody who didn't read what you wrote would know that it wasn't a spaceship! You are so amazing!

Hermine zei

Geweldig weer Rian.

Femmy zei

prachtig Rian!!!

Limar zei

This is absolutely brilliant! You are so good at this :)

Eila A zei

Wow, your collage is very impressive and energetic - you have put this fantastic building in an even more fantastic surrounding. Great work!

johanna zei

absolutely fantastic!! very unique!

José zei

Iedere keer dat ik jouw digitale creaties zie denk ik : dat wil ik ook. Vervolgens vind ik de tijd niet om er eens echt in te duiken. Misschien maar beter; nu kan ik er gewoon iedere week van genieten. Wat een leuk idee om het Evoluon te gebruiken. Ben er ooit met schoolreisje geweest. Je hebt er een geweldige creatie mee gemaakt. Groetjes José

AliMayes zei

Another stunning creation Rian!

Silvia(Barnie) zei

Your outer space is fantastic, really wonderful idea.

Jayne zei

Love this Rian,brilliant!!

Patti zei

Fabulous! Should be used in a movie or book cover!

Moeke zei

Wow!!!!...mooi gemaakt Mutzzie..tis èg wel iets om met trots naar te kijken hè..kuzzzzz voor jullie en....beterschap!!!!..

phoebe zei

Vedy surreal-looking with the desolate landscape below the spaceships--thanks for sharing your art with us today! =)

LynnF zei

Wow, Rian...this is an awesome piece...really goes "out there" in the best way! LynnF

Gaby Bee zei

Your space-creation is very unique. Love it!

Andrea Matus zei

Excellent creation with the UFO's - I like the mood you created!

froebelsternchen zei

Stunning work Rian!

xxx Susi

Elegia zei

Wow, this is cool! You have always so extraordinary ideas, Rian!

Jester zei

Wow, Rian, this is so creative. thanks for showing your pics of the building, first. Amazing piece!

Unknown zei

Rian wat een schitterende bewerking heb je gemaakt, écht fantastisch! De kleuren vind ik ook geweldig wowow!

Anoniem zei

Ha een hele bekende...Mooi om te zien.

Ook vakantiegevoel...

Liefs Rebbeltje

caramelle zei

it's fabulous. You have a lot of talent
bravo your blog is brilliant

MOI... zei

I LOVE IT... ;))



Chrisy zei

Just browsing your past work...this is magnificent!

ViVa Artistry is: zei

I used to live not far from Eindhoven, in Helmond and thought the Evoluon was soo cool...your art is sooo cool!!!