vrijdag 3 december 2010

A idea ??? a "Sneak Peek" ???

I was wondering......thinking aloud...

Yesterday I discovered on the blogs from Terri(Pringle Hill Studio) and
Gail(Shabby Cottage Studio) posts from their studio's.
Beautiful images and photo's to share public their workplaces.

I'm always impressed by the enormous amount of things they use to create their art.
Drawers, shelves, work tables, storage cabinets...
Everything is filled with tools, mediums, embellishments, bling, lace, papers, stamps, ink, paint etc.etc.
Everything is neatly organized and often put in decorative jars and boxes.
It must be a feast to work/hobby in such inspiring area's.

I....work ONLY digital.
My cabinet is "ONLY" filled with many (old)magazines -(art)books -
(antique)postcards etc. etc.
My drawers are filled with prints - photoshop(ped) cd's - extern hard disks
and maps with tutorials.
On MY shelf you'll see my Printer and my Scanner.
On MY workspace you'll see my pc with huge Acer screen.
On the left my Wacom tablet (yes I'm actually left handed)
in the middle my keybord and on the right my happy mouse.

Around me, a collection of my BBW (small)statues, paintings from friends, antique and fleemarket stuff to make things cozy and in the corner our freezer because it was too big to place in the kitchen whahaaa.

okay let me know but would you do the same ?
I would LOVE to see some more work area's

5 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

My sweet lord, but you are a talented person, Rian! I absolutely love your site and the gorgeous pieces you create!
Thanks, too, for leaving a nice message at MixedMediaManic. I really appreciated it!
Paula Guhin

Terri Kahrs zei

Ohhh, Rian! I love visiting other's studios. My space is humble next to Gail's beautiful space. Amazing how we think of our spaces. I'm sure your cabinet and drawers are filled with fabulous prints and goodies! I'd still love to see a picture!!! Thanks for your sweet comments!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Taluula zei

Would love to see your workspace Rian, because you manage to create such wonderful artwork from there.

Karel zei

ha die Rian
dus je hebt weer wat moois gevonden ja er zweeft veel mooisrond op het www
rustig overal
had je een fijne sint
ik wel , deed wat HH en anders alleen RUST
fijne dag nog

Caro zei

Nah...ik zou zeggen..laat ze jouw ruimte maar zien lieverd!!! die mag er zijn!!!..

Fijne avond meiss..kuzzzzz..