woensdag 26 januari 2011

Theme; Challenge The Three Muses / FASHION

I always think "keep faithful to yourself Rian",
and thats why I chose for PLUS SIZED fashion :)
Although I prefer to wear dark clothing (mostly black with vintage accents)
I DO get WILD and can dress myself over the top LOL.

Credits and a few printscreens "Work in Progress"
Feel free to click and enlarge.

28 opmerkingen:

bluegiraffe (Sherry) zei

Yay, I'm first to comment!:)
This is over-the-top amazing and gorgeous. I love the way you show us your screen shots too- I have NO idea how to do that. Great work, again!

Deann zei

Oh that background is yummy...what a gorgeous piece of art you have created...exquisite work love it!!!

© LoeS © zei




indybev zei

What a feast of color, Rian! It's bright and cheerful -- just the thing for a dreary winter day!
(I think you have a hang-up about plus sizes).

LynnF zei

What a totally awesome piece!! I think the creative juices were really flowing today!

Glenys zei

Now... this is true fashion Rian.... never having to think about the waistline or the hips or the bust.... my world completely!! and the paisely.... how that brings back many memories of the 60's and 70's!! Love this work, my friend!

Betzie zei

Gorgeous work! We need more plus size models!!!

Judy zei

She looks happy in her 'plus sized fashion' Rian, happiness is what matters the most! Love your bright cheerful piece!

Yvonne zei

Awesome background, I love it, Rian!

Pat zei

love your collage and your plus sized fashion model makes me happy, the background is perfect for the young lady.

Rosie zei

Brilliant Rian!! I love the gorgeous colours and patterns in this one! Isn't she gorgeous?! Nothing wrong with plus size... xxx

Junibears zei

Beautiful colours and background. Love the whole of it. Fantastic! xx

Silvia(Barnie) zei

Wow, how wonderful, love all these bright colours.

José zei

Wat een prachtig werk weer! Kleuren maken vrolijk en vrouwelijk, ook voor ons maatje meer!

vilterietje zei

heel kleurrijk rian, heerlijk die afwisselingetjes. lieve groet, riet:)

Taluula zei

Oh Wowee Rian, I am almost lost for words. This is mind blowingly fantastic and MUST be enlarged to appreciate the wondrous texture, detail and colour you have achieved. And a big hurray for plus sizes too.

K J D zei

I love the energy and colour in this piece. Brilliant :)


Anoniem zei

Super colourful and amazing, Rian!

Caro zei

Wat een héérlijk kleurrijk geheel meiss!!!!..mag van mij nog wel een maatje meer zijn hoor!!! zo ongeveer à la Hilda!!!..ga zo door!!!..misschien zet jij er wel een trend mee in blogwereldje..zou trouwens hoog tijd worden..kuzzzzz..

WrightStuff zei

I love all those crazy psychadelic patterns - at work we have a retro themed floor decorated like this. It is so cool!!

Jester zei

Wonderful fashion and a wonderful background; aslo a great reminder to wear something that is 'you', rather than what society dictates!

Fiona (anubis 1 ) zei

Rian I sooo love the Hippy Chick retro feel to this piece. Simply Fabulous my friend........

Tumble Fish Studio zei

So beautiful Rian! The style is so groovy and delicious! It's so alive and exciting!

Ozstuff zei

Rian, this is fabulous fashion, indeed. I love the rich, vibrant colours and elements and the wonderful textures. Wonderful artwork.

Andrea Ostapovitch zei

Your blog is such a kick...fantastic. Beautiful work that you are offering as well. Be sure to visit if you can find the time. Enjoy your bloghopping.


Christine zei

If you create like that everytime you get WILD, please, get WILD everyday! Let de sun shine! :D

Faye zei

You are such colorful person, I can't imagine you in dark clothes --- unless you have a bright colored jacket, scarf or hat.

This is so gorgeous and this is one you should use on a card, so go print it out and make a lovely card for someone. You might want to take off the text unless you know the receiver very well! :-)

Susie Jefferson zei

Yaaay! for plus-size fashion. Love, love love this.