dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Theme ; Challenge TheThreeMuses / WINDOWS

I created my own fantasy view through a window and wished
I could wake up every morning like this :)
Peacefully ! And not as now, by the annoying cooing of doves !
However, gulls (used one in the picture) also scream a lot.

YES...I do like birds...at least, some :-)
Especially those who don't poop when I relax in my garden. LOL


A few print-screens "WORK IN PROGRESS"

19 opmerkingen:

Deann zei

What an exquisite fantasy world like a mini vacation just looking at it...well done I love your window!!!

Kaylene zei

Welcome back, great image, I have beautiful birds that wake me up.

Judy zei

Sitting here enjoying a hot chocolate and your vacation photos, Rian, just the kind of places I'd love to visit, the roadside markets & antique shops! You must have found lots of treasures, thank you for the freebie of biker Grannie, love her face!!
Your window piece is a beauty, certainly a perfect view!

indybev zei

Beautiful view, Rian. I'd like to wake up to that too! Thanks for sharing the process of creation!

Lori Saul zei

What a scene to behold! A beautiful compilation of imagery and sheer joy to view. Love your creations from the heart and mind Rian!

Junibears zei

A beautiful window picture, perfect and peaceful. Great to see the stages of your creating! xx

johanna zei

fantastic array of elements in your collage! would love to spend my vacations here!

Ozstuff zei

How exquisitely beautiful! I would love to be able to step into your fantasty. Just gorgeous. (Rian, I really appreciate how you always take the time to show us how you have constructed your artpieces).

Pat zei

I'd like to see your fantastic world when I open my window but hélas...
A wonderful and magical art work.
bravo bravo

Yvonne zei

Love this window, Rian!

Anoniem zei

A lovely view to wake up to, Rian!

RPLancaster zei


I appreciate how you show the process you use to create such great digital collages.
They're great.


Jester zei

It's beautiful - and I agree about the birds!

Christine zei

Hi, Rian. The idyllic view from your window is really a delight! Thanks so much for sharing with us, mortals, your technique. I can see you had a lot of fun on your vacation.

Eila A zei

Oh yes, a view like this would be a great joy to see every morning! Wonderful piece, Rian!

Gloria Martin zei

A view I would love to gaze out on every day!!! Beautiful!

José zei

Lang geleden weer dat ik je blog bezocht. Maar je maakt nog steeds mooie dingen. Groetjes José

Bill zei

It would be wonderful to look out the window and see all of those creatures. Very peaceful. Great work!

Taluula zei

I have so enjoyed your vacation pictures, Rian.

Your window picture is a lovely and whimsical view on the world. Great fun.