woensdag 14 september 2011

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Autumn ! AUTUMN ????
I'ts still summer overhere in Holland !
At least another week until september 21th LOL

When I think of autumn, I think of spiders !!
Spiders who invite themselves in my home !
Spiders that create a mass grave with their web !
And spiders I always have to catch because nobody at home has the guts!
Backgr = HERE / Brush spiderweb = HERE / Autumn leaf = HERE /
Textures = HERE and HERE / Spider = Google / Postcard = Riandesign

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LuLu Kellogg zei

Ohhhhhhhh Rian! This is wonderful!!! Bravo!!!


Kaylene zei

Lovely image, Rian you would love the spiders I have in and around our house, I said to Henk that one day we are going to wake up covered in webs. Cheers

Lori Saul zei

There are alot of spiders here too in California- saw a huge one last night with quite an impressive web! This is a spectacular Autumn moment Rian- you have captured the rich light and wonders of the Fall season!

Deann zei

This is totally fantastic Rian I adore everything about it!!!
However I shudder at your spider tale...I use spray that keeps them outside the door...thank goodness.

Faye zei

Oh, I love it, Rian! The face peeking out from behind the leaves is wonderful. So pretty. About my tags. I do sometimes put them inside cards to give people. Most of the ones I have made since January have been put aside to donate to our church's fall bazaar. Last year I sold about $250 of greetings cards and tags/bookmarks that was given to the church. I have more this year, but fewer are hand painted. I hope I can sell the mixed media ones.

indybev zei

Beautiful art, Rian! I hate spiders in the house, but I remember their gorgeous woven works of art on mornings on the farm when the dew clung to them in glistening droplets. They were beautiful then!

Terri Daugherty zei

Even with the spider and web, this is an amazing piece Rian! I just love the beautiful colors and your blending skills are pefect!

Ann zei

beautiful Rian!!

Yvonne zei

Gorgeous transition, Rian!

Ozstuff zei

This is exquisite, Rian. I love the way you have used the spider web brushes. Gorgeous artwork.

LynnF zei

Rian, your art is breathtaking! I can't say enough adjectives about it! Bravo!
Spiders...well, try cave crickets...ugly critters! How can we talk about spiders and cave crickets at this most beautiful time of year?

Judy zei

So adorable, Rian, peeping out behind the leaf, love it, but not spiders!

Karel zei

mooie kriebelige crea Rian
maar waarom zou je spinnetjes vangen , die vinden wel een plekje hoor , kunnen ze muggen vangen voor je hihi
ik heb tijd nodig in de ochtend om alles op mijn gemak te kunnen doen
en je ziet het de wekker op 8 uur ik al net na 7 aan de koffie
proost en een fijne dag

Junibears zei

I really caught my breath as your picture opened Rian. It's so beautiful! Hugs xx

suziqu's thread works zei

Hi Rian
Oh this is just so beautiful and I am not afraid of spiders at all, in fact, love webs around my home because it shows just how healthy it is!
Hugs to you!

Rosie zei

LOVE this! I don't like spiders either - I think it's the way they move... "scuttle" is a great way to describe them!!

Brave Rian - and talented artist!!

PS - thank you for the previous freebie! xo

Anoniem zei

I hate spiders but this art is wonderful, Rian! Such an adorable little girl. She makes me want to take my shoe off and go after those wretched insects!

Taluula zei

As soon as I see spiders in my house I know Autumn is here, but unless they invite themselves to get in the bath with me I leave them be. :D

You have created a very lovely peek into Autumn with this one, Rian.

Darla zei

Beautiful, you make spiders actually seem attractive. I kind of like them if they stay outdoors.


johanna zei

i love how this young green-eyed girl looks behind this brown leaf. wonderful!!

Rebbeltje ★ zei

Gadsie spinnen...hebben meer dan 4 poten en daar hou ik niet van...maar je crea is geweldig...

hihi mogge karel hj

Silvia(Barnie) zei

Fantastic digital work and great autumn feeling.

Bill zei

Yikes! I hate spiders, even though they are good for the gardens. But they definitely become more visible in the fall. Oh my.

Terri Kahrs zei

Add another "Ohhhhhhh!!!" to the list, Rian!!! OMG! This is BEAUTIFUL!!! You KNOW how much I love this beautiful month, and your stunning piece made my spirit very happy!!! Hugs & Love, Terri xoxo

Gloria Martin zei

Your digital art is beautiful, and it's wonderful how you share the technique, and links. Thank you so much for that.

© LoeS © zei



© LoeS © zei


Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity zei

This is a lovely and beautiful spider Rian. It's really GORGOUS and also lovely. Amazing work.
have a nice weekend and lovely greet

Lorraine zei

love all the warm colours

Lins Artyblobs zei


Sandy zei

Oh Rian this is so darling girl.
Absolutely cute. Love your digital work.

Thanks for your lovely words on my blog. This made my day.

Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

Rhonda zei

This is just fantastic! I am not so excited about the spiders, but I love the fall. My husband bought me a little spider catcher contraption, when I trap the spider I leave it for him to dispose of! Gorgeous work, Rian. Cheers!

Hanne zei

Beautiful piece in lovely autumn colours Rian!

Electra zei

I Love this, Rian-you put so much loveinto your work it takes my breath away!

Anoniem zei

Hello Rian, this is sooo beautiful, colors are warm, bright and hopeful ! and I love your new presentation of blog too !

Anoniem zei

I just LOVE this one!! Thank you for sharing it.