maandag 19 december 2011

It seems this is the time of year everything starts speeding up and due to time constraints and my busy schedule, this will be my last post this year.
(Please scroll for my entry for the Three Muses Challenge)

Are it not the early dark nights, then the hormones are but around this time
I fall often in a melancholy mood.
Flashbacks about 2011...reflected in my brains.
Grief, heartbreaks, sorrows but also happyness, joy and laughter !
2011 had it all in store for me.

Now, we have one week to go and it's already Christmas !
A festive time when we commemorate the birth of Jesus.
We celebrate that in a cozy atmosphere with a (extra) visit at the church.
Gifts for each other and eat and drink as befits a party.
"Normal" to us Christian people.
We pray for those who do not have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas
and for those who are in a needy or in a distressed position.

This year I did not just pray !
I decided to give my Christmas bonus of my work away ! I have plenty to be thankfull for and what is more fun than making someone else happy ?
Last year I sent NO Christmascards and I gave the appropriate money away to a charity and I must say....It gives an extra dimension to all my prayers,
feels better and is more satisfying .

I wish you and yours a wonderful warm & cozy Christmas
and nothing but the very BEST in the New Year !!!
Thank you for ALL your sweet and heartfelt comments this year
Rian XXX ♥

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Annette zei

Oh have a Merry Christmas my dear and we shall have fun in 2012. Thanks for all your shared talents thru out the year.

Ann zei

A very Blessed Christmas to you!!
thank you for all the wonderful freebies you share all year long!

indybev zei

I DO look for the angels in my life! Some of them I've met in the blog world. You just might be one ......

Blessed holidays!

Christine zei

Thank you, Rian. Yeah! At the end of each year, one way or another, we look back and see laughter and tears, successes and failures... And we move forward, promising to do more good than harm to others and ourselves...
A beautiful 2012 for you and your loved ones.

Anoniem zei

Giving your bonus away is such a lovely, unselfish Christmas thing to do! Bravo! You are someone's angel.
May God bless you and yours with a wonderful Christmastide!

Sim zei

Je souhaite le meilleur pour toi et tous ceux que tu aimes Rian! Du fond du cœur! Tu es une fille formidale!
Plein plein de bises!

© LoeS © zei



Rebbeltje ★ zei

My english is not so very good, maar je plaatje weer mooi... whahahaha konijnenkost...nee dat eten we niet rian.
De wensen al in je gbje gedropt...grtjes

ann zei

What a beautiful thing your Christmas bonus away.
I am so glad to have met you here in blog world thank you for all the beautiful comments you leave on my blog and I love to visit and see your amazing art here.
Have a wonderful safe Christmas xxx

Anoniem zei

Voor jou en jouw familie ook hele fijne feestedagen toegewenst en alle goeds voor 2012

Karel zei

Rian goeden morgen , ik moet mij schamen, ik heb enige dagen je werk gemist , geen idee hoe en waarom , ze zijn allen schitterend en ook je huisje is geheel in sfeer
en nu lees ik hier nog dat je geld weg geeft , helaas had je mijn nummer niet
En wat doe ik , ik zet je een bord konijnen voer voor
tip kijk eens naar de tweede
en ik wens je een heel fijne tijd met je naasten
voor nu een fijne dag

Elizabeth zei

Schitterend!! Bedankt voor je tip over de kubus. Voor jullie ook fijne kerstdagen en een gezond en creatief nieuwjaar.

Rosie zei

Bless you too Rian! Lovely heartfelt art from you as ever...
I wish you all the best during the Christmas Holidays and for 2012 too.
Love and hugs to you!
Rosie =)

Patty Biermans zei

Ik wens jou ook fijne feestdagen met alle mensen die je lief zijn! knufzz...peebee

Sim zei

Hello my dear Rian!
I can't understand why, but it's impossible to have the hight resolution (full screen) by cliking on the picture since 9 days! Only a little bigger image is possible. May be there is a rule I don't know ... about the capacity of each blog at blogger?
May you can help me?
The shift doesn't give more...
Huge hugs my Rian!

Karel zei

hihi hi Rian
dus het plaatje deed je lachen
nu mij maakt het niet uit , ik heb je lach binnen , blog geslaagd
oja ff geheimpie , ik heb geen idee hoe ik mij schamen moet haha
fijne middag

Deann zei

Amen to the words on you artwork...what a gorgoeus picture and fabulous post to end the year with Rian...I wish you all the best in the New Year and the Happiest of Christmases!!!

Femmy zei

ik wens jou en je dierbaren fijne feestdagen en een voorspoedig 2012

Inspire Others zei

Dear Rian,
Thank You so much for sharing with us all your creative artworks. Looking forward following you next year. Wishing you many blessing and prosperous New Year 2012. Stay Well☺♥☺

© LoeS © zei

__________________I Have
_________________Come Here
________________To Wish You
_______________Merry Christmas
______________And Also, A Happy
_____________New Year To You For
____________2012... I Hope The New
___________Year Brings You Loads Of
__________Happiness And Good Health.
_________I Hope You Have A Nice Day On
________Christmas Day, Filled With Lots Of
_______Family Time.....And Of Course Eating
______Lots Of Nice Foods, And Candy’s. I Hope
_____That Santa Is Good To You As Well And He
___Brings You Loads Of Presents On Christmas Day
______________.`•.¸.(¨`•.•´¨) `•.¸.
________. ×`•.¸.•´×. (¨`•.•´¨)`•.¸`•.¸
_________________. .(¨`•.•´¨). .×`•.¸.gr. v. Loes`

Jaluza Scrap zei

Minha querida um Ano Novo maravilhoso para toda tua família.
Que ele venha como imaginamos.
Todo meu carinho num forte e demorado abraço.

Helen zei

Hello kind Rian,
Yes I do hope the next year will bring better times. Here in the US money is so little, we must watch every cent. It is hard. We do have the blesssings of children and each other. Your free sheets are another sweet blessing.
Thank you for your generosity,

Unknown zei

Hey lieve Rian ,
Wil je even bedanken voor je lieve kaart en de lieve woorden .
Heel erg leuk , ga hem zuinig bewaren .
Ben je een beetje goed de dagen door gekomen ?
Nu weer een heel nieuwjaar voor ons .
Nog de beste wensen voor een mooi 2012 meis voor jou en je gezin .
Fijne avond en een dikke knuffff va mij .
Liefs Ien

Anoniem zei

Hello Rian ! Wish you a healthy and happy New Year ! May 2012 bring you joy and love in each creative day and night ! Waving smiles, hugs and love :)