woensdag 14 november 2012

Theme  ;  Challenge  TheThreeMuses  / ANIMAL(S)
AaaRrrGgggH !!!
I was playing with light-effects to receive a rather dark scene :-)
 Backgr. = goodfon / Spiderweb = design warez
All the rest = riandesign. 

16 opmerkingen:

Anjas-Artefaktotum zei

Haha so funny, wonderful creation! Love that facial expression of the monkey and the creepy background.
Hugs Anja

Rebbeltje ★ zei

Een plaatje uit duizenden...erg mooi. Maja die beestjes vind ik dan zowiezo al mooi.


Deann zei

Beautiful work and funny too...great job Rian!

Sim zei

Krkrkrkr! I adore it Rian!
(May I take it in my computer?)
I love this very whimsy challenge! :)

Lori Saul zei

Great collage Rian- full of expression and yes wonderful light effects!

Elizabeth zei

Schitterende en lieve creatie!! Wat een gaaf plaatje van die aap.

Junibears zei

A great creepy piece Rian! Love that chimp! xx

Jeanette zei

I really enjoy the humor in your artwork. Wonderful.

Karel zei

Nu Rian
het is je goed gelukt , een prachtige creatie
geniet de dag

Taluula zei

Another one that MUST be enlarged in my opinion. It's full of quirky fun and makes me smile, but best of all it's exquisite and stunning in delivery. You have such talent, Rian.

Anoniem zei

Oh no, I hate spiders!!!! You have created a frighteningly dark piece of art here, Miss Rian!xx

Liz zei

It is amazing. There is so much going on, the lighting effects are wonderful and the expression of the chimp is fantastic. My face would be much different is I saw that spider!

suzeeez zei

I adore the dressed monkey ...not the spider....lol. Great art collage.

Lins Artyblobs zei

Fabulous collage, love the spiders webs.

iene zei

knappe compositie!
heel erg leuk,

Deborah Verhoeven zei

Great piece. I think the chimp appreciates spiders as much as I do. Yikes!