woensdag 23 maart 2022

Nine years later .....😊

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peggy gatto zei

Quite beautiful !!! Love the colors!!

Sim zei

I can't beleive it Ryan!! Are you really here? How I missed you my friend!
These collages are really fa-bu-lous!
What have you been doing all this time? Are you OK?
I kiss you!

"MOI" Freubel zei

hi dear Sim. What a pleasure to read your comment here. I have never forgotten you my friend. I've been Photoshop again for a year and a half. It took some effort after so many years, but slowly I am enjoying doing it again. I'm active on FB and I don't know if it will work here again. I've forgotten so much about how Blogspot works so I have to relearn how it works here. My life has changed a lot, but I'm fine and I hope you're okay too.

Sim zei

Glad you're okay dear Ryan.
Blogspot has also changed a lot during your absence, and not for the better.
Many features have disappeared and it is less and less ergonomic.
Despite everything, I wish you a good return to the web and I am so very happy to see you and your art again.
I kiss you.

Susie Jefferson zei

So good to see you back! Missed you - and sorry to see your website seems to have disappeared, too. So glad you are still on Facebook, sending hugs etc.