zondag 10 oktober 2010

Finally an opportunity to participate in a challenge.
My first one, since six months ! Djeezzz what did I miss this.
Anyway....this design is made for the D.W.
Barbara, one of our Ning members asked Kimmie if she could start a challenge this week on the digital art of Maggie Taylor.
Maggie has been a favorite of her since she started working digitally two years ago.
And I agree with her. Maggie's website was one of the first that I added to my blog and if you don't know her yet, I encourage you hearty to take a look HERE.

I tried to imitate the art of Maggie but I think that no one succeeds !
The humor in our images...yes that corresponds with me, I do that often, but her style ?? Pfffjoei.
I think that my final result looks more like a "Freubel". LOL
But hey..i've tried and there are challenges for.


2 opmerkingen:

Emme Toaye zei

Thanks for the link to Maggie's wonderland of visuals and thanks for all the wonderful brightness and color you added to my day on this rainy gloomy day. Good luck and the best of wishes on your shop opening!

Caro zei

Ik lig elke keer in een deuk om de vertaling van jouw Engels hihihi..gaat dat automatisch??..in ieder geval..10 met een griffel meiss..heel erg mooi weer!!! kuzzzz..