zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

Thinking 'outside the box' is my biggest (literally & figuratively) attribute and hope to amaze you with my;

* Chubby & podgy BigBeautifulWoman collage sheets,
* My altered Portrait Make-Overs,
* A growing variety of high quality one of a kind designs.
* Miscellaneous & detailed cards for your personal joy,
* Cheap "Grab-Bags"
* A wide selection of backgrounds and Photoshop techniques.
* And ofcourse I will continue sharing freebies !

Opening a shop feels like a "leap of faith" and I am aware of the fact that there are already countless and stunning websites with collage sheets on the WorldWideWeb.
Why there is still one made?
Because I believe that crafters never have enough supply and it's in my nature to share with others.

Creativity does not stand still and when I look at myself, I'm always searching for unique (and miscelleaneous) pictures to use in my art.
Surfing the Internet brings a lot of inspiration but often images are not copyright free for use. Images at are !!
That's why I offer the opportunity to purchase now my collage sheets.
I guarantee that they are made with copyright free elements so that nobody suffers.
And since I am in possession of many postcards I can keep the price low.
(During my long absence, I bought a lot on ebay and marketplace.)

Ofcourse, I will continue sharing FREEBIES ! That will not change and that promise I'll post. But the freebies are made from pictures I do not own and therefore do not want to sell! I'ts not my intention to abuse other people's goodness.
(I think you do agree because there is already enough improper use of the Internet.)

I'm so proud and graceful that I finally got the opportunity to OPEN my re-newed site and SHOP !
The tenth of the tenth, 2010
will be a remarkable day here at freubel-art !

I invite you hearty to take a look around and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my products and offering.
Enjoy and Hearty greetings from Rian. xxx

And celebrate the opening tomorrow, I offer two freebies !!
NOTE. To download the collage sheets FULL SIZED you have to visit my freebie section on
"SAVE AS" and you wil get them saved 300dpi / size A4 format. (ready to print)

(The clown-sheet is made of images I own. The toddler portraits are copyrightfree images I found on internet) HAVE FUN !!

5 opmerkingen:

Anita zei

Ziet er weer TOPPIE uit!!

Karel zei

ha die Rian
nu het is de 10devande10dein2010
dus je bent open
wens je suc6 en natuurlijk een fijne zondag

Caro zei

Helemaal toppie meiss!!!!! succes!!! kuzzzzzz...

Rebbeltje ★ zei

Kijk ff in je gbje grijnzzzz

Susie Jefferson zei

Great to see you back, and congratulations on your shop! I wish you every success.

Hugs from Susie (UK)